Mazal Tov on the birth of your son!

As a Jewish urologist in practice for the past 18 years, I have always considered becoming a mohel. I performed my son’s circumcision at his bris in May 2006 with the help of the mohel in attendance, the late Dr. Sam Kunin. Early into my private practice, I had been asked by several rabbis (reform and conservative) if I would consider becoming a mohel, but was unable to take the time away from my daily practice. Now that my practice is well established, I have the time to serve the community as a mohel.


Dr. Greenberger will help you plan a meaningful Brit Milah ceremony for your family.


Preparation and Aftercare

Clear and simple instructions will be made available to help you prepare for your ceremony.  Aftercare instructions will be reviewed in person, and Dr. Greenberger is always available for questions that might arise.

Many parents in Orange County feel more comfortable knowing their son's bris (Brit Milah) is performed by a mohel who is a doctor, especially a urologist.  Dr. Greenberger is happy to serve the local Jewish community as the local Orange County bris doctor.

Urologist/Urology Doctor and Certified Mohel.  Serving Orange County and Long Beach, including Irvine, Newport Beach, Tustin, Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, etc. (doctor for bris orange county, doctor for brit milah orange county, mohel who is a doctor, Orange County bris doctor, mohel orange county)